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DelNet: DELNET Databases

a)    Union Catalogue of Books
DELNET maintains an online union catalogue of books available in its member-libraries. This union catalogue is continuously updated and is growing in size. The information can be retrieved by author, title, subject, conference, series, etc. It has 2,03,71,835 bibliographic records. The request for inter-library loan can be placed through the online system.

b)   Union List of Current Periodicals
DELNET has created union lists of current periodicals in science and technology, social sciences and humanities. This database is available online to DELNET users. It now lists 36,939 periodicals and is regularly updated and new titles are added annually. It is a major resource for Document Delivery Services.

c)   Union Catalogue  of Periodicals
DELNET maintains a union catalogue of periodicals, which contains full holdings data of the libraries. At present, the database contains   20,235 records.

d)   Database of Periodical Articles
The database has details of articles which can be searched under the title, author, compiler, name of the periodical and subject. The database is being extensively utilised by the researchers and scholars. At present the database contains  9,12,042 records.

e)   CD-ROM Database
A bibliographic database of CD-ROMs available with the member-libraries is being compiled. It has 22,234 records.

f)    Union List of Video Recordings
This is a database of video cassettes available in DELNET member-libraries and has about 6,000 listings.

g)   Union List of Sound Recordings
This union list consists of audio cassette records available in member-libraries. This database has 1,025 records.

h)    Database of Theses and Dissertations
A database of Theses and Dissertations submitted to Indian Universities has been started, which covers various subjects. The database has 70,293 records.

i)   Union List of Newspapers
The database has 70 records and contains information about the newspapers including title, name of the editor, published from, E-mail address and also the Web address of the INTERNET edition if available on the WWW.

j)     Database of E-books
It has nearly 1613 records.

k) Profile of Member-Libraries
A directory of member-libraries is available and contains information about them.

L) Delnet also provides access to

  1. Cambridge Dictionaries online
  2. Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations
  3. ODLIS : Online Dictionary of Library & Information Science
  4. GISTNIC Databases
  5. MEDLINE & other databases of NLM
  6. U.S. Patents: Full Text
  7. Full Text Medical Journals
  8. Open Access Journals
  9. Engineering  & Technology  E-Journals: Table of Contents
  10. Full-Text Medical Books
  11. Full-Text Engineering & Technology E-journals
  12. Learning Resources for LIS Professionals
  13. Digital Libraries of the World



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